Monday, June 20, 2016


So these last two weeks have been pretty full.  We had leadership council and transfers last week.  It was really stinkin busy.  This week has been awesome as we are starting the last gira(spin) of all the mission doing the last zone conferences of President and Hermana Gomez.  Weve already trained all of Iquitos.  Next week well be in Pucallpa and the following well be in Tarapoto and Moyobamba.  And then President and Hermana Li get here the week after.  Its gonna be nuts.  The cool thing is that weve been in Iquitos these last two weeks and weve been able to go out proselyting every night.  Romer and Olivia are going to get married on the 22.  Romer is a changed man.  We had to be really bold teaching repentance.  But he did it.  and the Lord changed him.  It is amazing.  Also Mauricio is doing super well.  he has also had a big change of heart.  He has learned to love the book of mormon.  Hes finishing up Mosiah right now.  Hes going to be baptized on the 25th of June.  Things are going well.  Hope all is well back home too.
Elder Smith

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