Sunday, April 24, 2016


ok mom sorry i dont have my camera right now but i will send fotos soon.

I wanted to tell about a work visit i did this week. (i went to someone elses area to see how there work is going)  One of the Elders i worked with was Elder Belone.  Elder Belone is a native american.  he lives on the reservation that owns the 4 corners. (Utah,New mexico, arizona and colorado) i think...  Anyways he speaks navajo and english and is doing his best to learn spanish. I dont know if there is anything mentally off with him but he is very slow; in whichever of the 3 languages he speaks.  But he is the happiest missionary i have ever seen.  We had the opportunity to teach a few lessons together and he was great.  Even though he couldnt always communicate exactly what he wanted to say he was confident in what he did.  The members we visited have a deep love for him as well.  It was very special to see the effect he had on them.  In one lesson is particular he did the best he could to tell the story of Joseph Smith as a boy and then cited the first vision to perfection.  The spirit lit up the faces of those we were teaching and there testimonies were strengthened.  Because of my visit with Elder Belone i understand a whole lot more how foolish it is to trust in our own skill and experience.  The Lords is capable of anything and magnifies our callings beyond belief when we our obedient and put forth our effort.  I love this work and know it is of God.  
Elder Smith

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